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LOCATION UNITS Description Asking Price
(in M Eur)
3 hotels in Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece167 rooms
3 hotels for sale in the famous area
of ​​Plaka, in the city center of Athens.
Total built area: 4500 sqm.

Hotel 1:
3-star City Hotel in Plaka, Athens
with 55 rooms with Acropolis view
Size: 1600 sqm.
The hotel is fully operational, as it is
authorized by the EOT, for
accommodation, restaurant and bar.

Hotel 2:
3 star hotel in Plaka, Athens
with 67 rooms

Hotel 3:
This 3-star hotel in Plaka, Athens
has 45 rooms
Located in an exceptional area of ​​the
famous Plaka, only a few minutes walk to
Syntagma and Monastiraki Square.
The metro station is a 2-minute walk
away , with direct access to the airport.
Hotel in Athens
Athens, Greece 105 rooms This hotel is located in the Omonia,
neighborhood in downtown Athens.
With 105 rooms on 8 floors.
Built area: 3,950 sqm
With an autonomous heating system.
The building was built in 1950 and
underwent a general renovation in 2004.
Hotel in Athens
Athens, Greece
94 rooms
This stunning Athens hotel
is 50 meters from the beach.
It has 94 rooms on 5 floors .
The outdoor area is 1,560 sqm and
contains a swimming pool and a restaurant.
Built area: 5,750 sqm.
Land: 7,300 sqm.